We've raised $5M to create Zapia, the first Personal AI assistant for Latin Americans

Enhancing life in LATAM through Consumer AI products

We are a high-tech Startup created between Silicon Valley and Uruguay with the mission of building cutting-edge, massive-scale GenAI-first products designed to create positive impact.

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Our mission is to build massive-scale GenAI-first products designed to create positive impact in emerging markets.

We are a high-tech Startup created between Silicon Valley and Uruguay with the mission of building cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence products designed to create positive impact in people's lives.

  • Human-Centric Innovation:

    Our products are not only designed with cutting-edge technology but also crafted with empathy, ensuring that they resonate with individuals and enhance human experiences.

  • Excellence and Creativity:

    We aim to creating industry-leading products through innovation and creativity. Our goal is to create Epic products that set new standards in the industry.

  • Ethical and Responsible Development:

    We adhere to the highest ethical AI standards, ensuring transparent and responsible development, inclusivity, and a positive societal impact.

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Meet Zapia:
your new Personal AI assistant

An effective personal assistant specifically designed for
Latin America. Terms & Conditions

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We are looking for outstanding people to join our team

Our goal is to make a positive impact in the world using cutting-edge AI technologies. If this message resonates with you, apply to join!

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Our team

  • Picture of Eng. Martín Alcalá Rubí

    Eng. Martín Alcalá Rubí

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Co-Founder Tryolabs, UltraDrop & MonkeyLearn (acq. by Medallia, US), 500 Startups B14 SF.

  • Picture of Juan Pablo Pereira

    Juan Pablo Pereira

    Co-Founder & COO

    Co-Founder and Ex-CEO at Tiendamia.com (Ops in 10 LATAM Countries), Endeavor Entrepreneur.

  • Picture of Nicolás Loeff, PhD

    Nicolás Loeff, PhD

    Co-Founder & CTO

    Ex-Director of Engineering AI/Search, Etsy. Ex-Google Cloud AI, Co-Founder Agronóstico (2015)

  • Picture of MSc. Juan Olloniego

    MSc. Juan Olloniego

    Co-Founder & Head of Engineering

    Previously: Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Landing AI (Andrew Ng) & Tryolabs

  • Picture of Pablo Rodríguez, PhD

    Pablo Rodríguez, PhD

    Co-Founder & Lead AI Engineer

    Previously: Principal Data Scientist / Researcher ANTEL & Computer Science Professor UdelaR UY. Co-Founder Agronóstico (2015)

  • Picture of Guillermina Pena

    Eng. Guillermina Pena

    Product Strategy & Partner

    Previously: Satellogic. More than 7 years of experience leading projects and products in the logistics and space industry.

  • Picture of Gonza Moreira

    Gonza Moreira

    Lead Designer

    Nomad Brand & Visual designer, working in the graphic and digital design business for over 6+ years.

  • Picture of Mati Jurfest

    Eng. Matias Jurfest

    Mobile Engineer & Partner

    Previously: Software & Mobile Engineer at Wix and Selina.

Our investors

  • Logo of Factory HQ

    Factory HQ

    The Factory is a Silicon Valley AI a boutique venture capital fund and studio focused on early stage investing.

  • Logo of Anthos Capital

    Anthos Capital

    Anthos, founded in 2007, invests in emerging consumer and technology companies that drive innovation and shape the future.

  • Logo of SNR Capital

    SNR VC

    Signal to Noise Ratio VC. Helping founders build durable companies.

  • Logo of Kalei Ventures

    Kalei Ventures

    Empowering talent in Latin America with an eye towards global leadership.

  • Logo of Perceptive Ventures

    Capital X

    Early Stage VC. Previous investments from seeds to 12 Unicorns, including 25 top YC startups.

  • Logo of Perceptive Ventures

    Perceptive Ventures

    Pre-seed & seed investments in AI-first startups. San Francisco, California.